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"Debby is an absolutely wonderful person to work with! She's responsive, intelligent, focused, and of course, an excellent writer. It is so much fun to have her on my team!" Erin, R., CEO, Storm Sensor, 2022

"Deborah was great! Very communicative, with in-depth interviewing to get to know the details of youre project, which is both helpful for her and you." Brandon B., LKMethod, 2022

"Dug right in and asked a ton of questions to be grounded in our tech and the target market. Deb was also very adaptive when we learned there was an opportunity to get a shortened white paper out the door for a big customer. Highly recommend!!"  Brian B., LK Method, 2021

"Your work is fantastic!" Jolene L., Coach Hub, 2023

"Deborah did everything I asked for and provided helpful insights I was looking for -  Highly Recommend - 5/5 Stars." Jacob S., Digital News Publisher & Editor, 2022

"Debby did an excellent job on our requested white paper. She is very professional with great communication. Her final work proved she spent time researching and understanding the topic and editing where needed. She went above and beyond to assist with creating a new layout and clarity of the final document. I highly recommend Debby and look forward to working with her again.."  Susan W., Sauer USA, 2021

"Debby has done a couple of projects for us. She does excellent research and comes prepared to the meetings with in-depth questions. Her layouts look great, and I highly recommend her for any technical writing."  Crystal W., Sauer USA, 2022

"An outstanding partner that quickly became one of our group. I look forward to working with Deborah on several more projects." Guy C., General Manager, Sitech-Setx, 2023

"Debby did a great job communicating a difficult technical topic. Very good communicator and quickly provided work. Would highly recommend!" Tom T., Owner, GDT Training, 2022

"Deborah is a focused, detailed, and creative professional. She builds strong and effective business relationships quickly and brings high levels of collaboration to each facet of her work." Robert D., Partner, Growth River, 2022

"Debby is fantastic! She asked great questions, went above and beyond the initial task, and did great work. We will be working with her again and again! I would recommend Debby to anyone." Jason N., ADAPT Media, 2022

Note: Testimonials are unedited - the original versions live on Upwork.

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