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About Debby Wadsworth

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  • 25+ years in marketing, research, product management, communications, and public relations

  • 20 years conducting research, interviewing SMEs, and producing B2B technical, business, and marketing writing in a writer and ghostwriter capacity.​

  • 10 years as a military editor, journalist, photographer, and public affairs non-commissioned officer. 


  • Writing & Editing

  • SME & Customer Interviews

  • Research, Data Collection & Analysis

  • Outline, Organization & Presentation

  • Tone & Style

  • Audience Engagement  & Storytelling

  • Technology & Terminology Simplification & Audience Alignment


Past Employers

Cummins, Emerson, EDCO Products, Great Nordic, Nova Health Care, General Mills, American Heart Association


Upwork Customers

Sauer USA, The Burwood Group,  LKMethod, MSIcorp, Storm Sensor, Coach Hub, Growth River,  Sitech-Setx, GD&T Training, USL Technology, Highway & Heavy Parts, NAYOO Services,  BMG Investigations,  Castlehale Consulting, USL Technology


Mini Master of Business Administration

Bachelor Degree - Marketing Management; Minor, Journalism

Associate Degree - Advertising, Graphic Design & Photography


Writing Awards & Honors

  • Engineers' Choice Award - Control Engineering

  • Readers' Choice Award - Control & Worldwide Independent Power

  • Top Article of the Year, Month, & Week - Control Engineering & Control

  • Top 10 Most-Viewed Articles - Flow Control, Automation World

Short a researcher, writer or editor?

Need someone that can hit the ground running?

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  • Project Management  Communications

  • Keywords & SEO

  • Content Management & Version Management

  • Time Management

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